Dry Cabinet Glue
SKU: 399-1/2
For best results, soak glue overnight. In the morning, cook glue under 100° F for 30 minutes; then, turn heat up to 150° F. Keep glue cooker well covered to prevent evapoation. Price per lb.

Item #399-1/2

Our price: $17.00
Five Minute Epoxy Glue
SKU: 406.157
Known as the strongest type of glue in the world. Ideal for repairing broken action brackets and pedals. Bonds metal, wood, plastic, rubber and fabric.

Item # 406

Our price: $39.10
Franklin Liquid Hide Glue
SKU: 401-4

Ready to use; no heating or mixing necessary. Oderless and stainless. Spreads evenly.

Item # 401

Our price: $8.80
Franklin Tite-Bond
SKU: 392-1
Aliphatic Resin Glue. High strength, easy spreading . . . invisible when dry. Heat, impact and solvent resistant. In plastic squeeze bottle.

Item # 392

Our price: $5.00
Franklin Tite-Bond Molding Glue
SKU: 391-8
Thick consistency. Ideal for hammer hanging. 8 oz. bottle.

Our price: $8.50
Goo All-Purpose Adhesive
SKU: 400.156
Handy for replacement of old ivories, and for quick replacement of loose adjustment corks on clarinets and saxophones. Tube.

Item # 400

Our price: $6.60
Hardman Double/Bubble Epoxy
SKU: 388.157
Convenient foil package of extra fast setting epoxy cement. Bonds stone, wood, glass, and metal in 3 to 5 minutes. Net weight 4 grams. Perfect for your tool case for on the job use.

Item # 388

Our price: $3.70
Hot Stuff Complete Glue Kit
SKU: 1460.156
Includes 2 oz. ultra thin, 2 oz. medium, 2 oz. thick, 2 oz. accelerator, 2 oz. debonder, 1 doz. pro tips, 1 doz. spouts with caps and a guide for applications.
Item #1460

Our price: $105.00
Hot Stuff™ Adhesives
SKU: 1461.138
Hot Stuff adhesive's high performance formula bonds almost any surface in minutes. Glue joints are permanently strong and possess the flexibility which is lacking in many other adhesives. Be sure to match the viscosity to the job. Shelf life up to 1 year.

Item #1461

Our price: $21.90
Ivory Cement Wafers
SKU: 402A.157
This improved, chemically treated wafer is the most rapid method invented for attaching ivories. Price each.
Item #402

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