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Beginner's Tuning Kit

Beginner's Tuning Kit

Beginner's Tuning Kit
Tuning Tools:
1 ea. #7 Student Tuning Hammer
1 ea. #2111 "C-523.3" Tuning Fork or #2110 "A-440" Tuning Fork
1 ea. #209 Temperament Strip
2 ea. #202 Mutes
2 ea. #203 Mutes
4 ea. #205 Mutes


#8, #4 or #16 Levers may be substituted for #7 Student Tuning Hammer.

The Papp's Treble Mute may be added to your order for $13.90.
This mute is a nylon tweezer design, 8" in length. It is very useful in tuning the high treble notes where there is not much room to insert the rubber mutes.
You may add it to your order by making your selection below.

The Papp's Mute is illustrated in the "detailed images" below.

Please note that if you order a tuning hammer with a replaceable tip (#8, #4 or #16), you will need to tighten the tip on the lever head before using. The best tool for this is the Tuning Lever Tip Wrench illustrated below. You may add this to your order for an additional $19.50.

If you are also ordering my eBook on piano tuning, please select the "C-523.3" tuning fork because I use that fork in my instructions on piano tuning.
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Weight 2.00 lbs
Market price: $123.90
Our price: $99.00
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Detailed images

Tuning Lever Tip Wrench Papp's Mute