Damper Felt

Damper Felt


Damper Felt in Strips
SKU: 1550

For the exacting technician, we offer 4 size types of Quality Laoureux Damper Wedge Felts, un-backed.

All are 27-1/2" long and are VERTICAL grain cut.

Our price: $12.80
Damper Wedge Felt - Tapered Sides
SKU: 1535A

Laoureux quality A wedge felts. All VERTICAL cut, 27-1/2" long. With or without red backing.

Our price: $42.00
Felt for Timpani Mallets
SKU: 1569C

100% soft white wool felt. Excellent quality sheets measure 19" x 36" x 1/2" thick. Per sheet. 

Our price: $290.00
Grand Bass Damper Felt Set - German Style
SKU: 1596-1/2
Set contains 30 single and 30 double wedges 1-11/64" long with red backing. Per set.

Our price: $109.00
Grand Damper Head Felt
SKU: 955TB

Available with or without red backing. Soft white damper felt, tapered 7/8" to 5/8" wide x 7/16" thick x 19" long. 2 strips equivalent to 90 pieces cut. Per strip.

Also, set of 90 pieces tapered & cut to 13/32" wide available.

Item #955

Our price: $16.60
Grand Damper Wedge Felt
SKU: 956

Quality A wedge felts, all VERTICAL cut, all 27-1/2" long with red back. Price per strip.

Item #956

Our price: $30.00
Grand Treble Damper Felt Set - German Style
SKU: 1596

7/16" thick, scarlet backs, center stitched, tapered, approx. 84 pieces plus one 6-3/4" strip trichord wedge felt.

Stitched pads taper from approx. 15/16" to 11/16" in length, 13/32" width.

Our price: $84.30
Steinway Bass & Treble Damper Felts
SKU: S-954S

Complete set of bass and treble damper felts ready cut. With or without red backing. 

Our price: $127.50
Steinway Style Wedge Felt
SKU: 1562
27-1/2" strips. With or without scarlet backing. Per strip.

Item # 1562

Our price: $31.50
Tokiwa Grand Damper Felt
SKU: 1597
Will fit any grand with 20 to 33 Bass. Click on "View Details" for measurements. Per set.

Our price: $178.00