Deluxe Suction Box Kit

Deluxe Suction Box Kit

Deluxe Suction Box Kit
A switching signal on reroll reduces motor turnover to a minimum idle during rewind, them switches back to your preset volume on play.

The motor runs cooler and with no noticeable sound on soft playing as well as reroll.

Without using the method employed by this kit, a suction box would have to run the same fast speed and regulate vacuum only by restricting the flow, or bypassing.

This has always accomplished the effect, but does not decrease the ever-present running noise of maximum motor speed.

The tightness of the player system will determine the setting of the volume knob. It can be turned up to full speed to produce 45 inches of vacuum.

This kit comes complete with installation instructions. It has built-in check valves, so the original foot-pump feature remains operational.

All pre-wired controls - just set box in place and drill one hole in original pump channel. Control panel mounts on underside of keybed with off/on switch, volume knob and rewind speed adjustment all in this one unit.
SKU 621.173
Weight 14.00 lbs
Our price: $990.00

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