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Finishing Supplies

Finishing Supplies

Please Note: All liquid finishing supplies CANNOT be shipped outside the USA.


Abrasive Cord
SKU: 561.166
Round .055 diameter abrasive cord for deburring and cleaning agraffe holes or other hard to reach areas. Spool contains 50 feet. Each.

Item #561

Our price: $29.00
Aerosol Spray Lacquers
SKU: 1417-F26
Especially formulated to enable the experienced as well as the novice to do a professional job. Unfinished and finished wooden arms, legs, scuffed and rubbed through areas can be finished with ease by simply applying the desired shades. 13 oz. can. Each.

Item #1417

Our price: $17.50
Behkol Proprietary Solvent
SKU: 1449.162
Used to cut dry shellac, manufactured spirits, stains and varnishes. Price per quart can.

Item #1449

Our price: $19.00
Blush Eraser®
SKU: 1417-100
Humid or cold weather can cause a finish to turn white or "blush". Behlen Blush Eraser reflows the lacquer and allows the trapped moisture to escape. 15 oz. can.

Item #1417-100

Our price: $21.00
Burn-In Balm
SKU: 1451.164
Heat resistant paste used to prevent damage to surrounding finish while performing burn-in repair. 4 oz. jar. Each.

Item #1451

Our price: $23.00
Burn-In Knife
SKU: 182.165
3" spatula straight blade. 6-1/2" overall length. Hardwood handle. Each.

Item #182

Our price: $27.20
Burn-In Knife
SKU: 183.165
3" curved blade. 7" overall length. Hardwood handle. Each.

Item #183

Our price: $32.50
Burn-In Sticks
SKU: 407-001.161
Manufactured from the finest shellacs and resins. Will not lift out and accepts any type of over finish. May be used on any type of surface including marble. 7" long. Each.

Item #407

Our price: $8.30
Clear Lacquer
SKU: 1438
Produces the finest air drying lacquer for the protection of tarnishable solid or plated metal. 12 oz. aerosol can. Each.

Our price: $35.90
De Waxer - USA ONLY
SKU: 1499
Removes oil, wax & grease. Also used to remove wax deposits left after the use of removers. Cleans old finishes prior to restoration. Price per quart.

Cannot be shipped outside USA.

Our price: $25.70