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For Spinet Pianos

For Spinet Pianos


Auxiliary Whippen
SKU: 3752


Item # 3752

Our price: $5.00
Compact Damper Lever
SKU: 3786J

With wood flange. Made in Japan. Each.

Our price: $7.22
Compact Hammer Butt
SKU: 3772J

S2 Type.

Made by Tokiwa

Our price: $9.94
Compact Jack Flange
SKU: 3792

Bushed. Each.

Our price: $1.10
Compact Jack with Flange
SKU: 3790J

S2 Type. Made in Japan. Pin hole to end of jack is 2". Each. 

Our price: $4.06
Compact Type Whippen
SKU: 3762J

Set consists of 45 spoons to the right and 45 spoons to the left. Made in Japan.

Our price: $13.46
Drop Lifter Assembly
SKU: 3778-5-1/2"

Straight wire with wooden elbow.

Overall length including elbow.

Our price: $2.72
Drop Lifter Wire Only
SKU: Y-3778B

Lifter wire only.

Measurement tip to tip.

Bent wire lifters.

Overall length (as the crow flies)

Our price: $0.60
Drop Lifter Wood Elbow
SKU: 3775J

Can be used as a replacement for plastic elbows.

1-3/16" overall height.

Made in Japan.

Our price: $2.22