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For Upright Pianos

For Upright Pianos


Adjustable Sticker
SKU: 510AJ

Make to a desired length on the spot by merely cutting the dowel and gluing on both ends of sticker.

Comes in two sizes to cover almost any size used.

Shipped unassembled.

Our price: $13.84
Aeolian Wood Flange
SKU: 511B

Each. Item #511B

Our price: $3.90
Asian Type Whippen
SKU: 3812J
Will fit Yamaha and other Asian upright actions. Made in Japan. Each.

Our price: $12.58
Asian Upright Butt
SKU: 3800J
Will fit Yamaha and many other Asian actions. With brass butt plate. Made in Japan. Each.
Item #3800J

Our price: $9.02
Back Checks
SKU: 530J

For both upright and spinet actions. With or without wires. Each.

Our price: $2.74
Baldwin Hamilton & Acrosonic Butt
SKU: 3744A

Without wood flange. Designed to fit the 511CJ flange. Each.

Item # 3744A

Our price: $2.70
Billings - Brass Rail Butt
SKU: 509J

Pratt-Read style butt fits brass billings flanges. Made in Japan. Each.

Our price: $9.54
Cork Bridle Straps
SKU: 6516S
The easiest of all bridle straps to install.
Simply push in cork and hook to the bridle wire.
Made of regulation braid with Fabrilite tips.
Please specify size of cork desired: large, medium or small.
Price per set of 90.

Our price: $27.00
Damper Blocks
SKU: 533

With screws.

Set contains 32 bass,

21 Treble/Straight and

15 Treble/Slant.


Our price: $59.00
Damper Bushing
SKU: 1026B
3/8" x 0.171" O.D. with screw. Solid brass. Each.

Our price: $1.18