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Grand Piano Hardware

Grand Piano Hardware


Agraffe Shimming Washers
SKU: 922-12

Thin brass washers for shimming agraffes. 3/8" diameter, 17/64" hole, .010" thick. Per 100.

Item #922

Our price: $8.20
Agraffe Tap
SKU: 985

Used in the replacement of either 7/32" or 1/4" diameter agraffes.

Our price: $36.00
SKU: 926S
Solid brass. Threaded agraffes for Steinway and other grands. Specify single, double or trichord. 7/32" x 36 threads or 1/4" x 36 threads. Each.

Item #926

Our price: $7.30
Desk Support Hinge
SKU: 940N
Four flaps with countersunk screw holes. Solid brass, satin finish. Each.
For grands. 1" wide x 9" long.

Our price: $111.90
Double End Grand Action Shifter Spring
SKU: 962.139
Double-end type. No. 16 gauge blued steel. 8-7/16" x 1-3/4". Each.

Item #962

Our price: $19.50
SKU: 965E.140
For above piano lock. Each.

Item #965E

Our price: $1.80
Ferrules or Leg Sockets
SKU: 964A
For grand piano legs. Satin brass. Each.
1-1/2" inside dimension at top; 5/8" high.
1-3/4" inside dimension at top; 1-1/2" high.
2-1/8" inside dimension at top; 2" high.
Each size has a slight taper to bottom.

Item #964

Our price: $44.00
Grand Action Bracket
SKU: 1076.139
It is best to remove the old brackets off each end and refit new ones, aligning the new with old center brackets. For Aeolian. Each.
Item #1076

Our price: $19.00
Grand Desk Rest
SKU: 941

With staple and rubber cap. 7-1/8" long from knuckle to end. 3 countersunk holes. Available in brass or nickel plated. Individual parts also available

Item #941

Our price: $78.00
Grand Keyboard Spring
SKU: 959
Blued steel, 5-5/16" x 1/2"; .082 thick. Each.

Item #959

Our price: $32.00