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Jaras Tools

Jaras Tools


Jaras Dial Gauge Sharp Leveler and Key Dip Device
SKU: 42
Similar to the No. 40 Jaras Tool shown above, except that a dial gauge is incorporated for exact .005 thousandths of an inch measurements.

Item #42

Our price: $110.00
Jaras Electric Key Bushing Cloth Remover
SKU: 909
Never before has there been a tool available to the piano technician to easily remove key bushing cloth. Simply wet the felt bushing and insert the heated copper tip of the gun.

Item #909

Our price: $45.00
Jaras Fallboard Clamp
SKU: 893

The best selling clamp in the piano industry fills a much needed reguirement for a foolproof, attractive upright and grand piano locking device.

Item #893

Our price: $84.00
Jaras Grand Regulating Jig
SKU: 907
A proven best seller to take the guesswork out of grand piano regulation. Performs the regulating functions with precision.

Item #907

Our price: $316.00
Jaras Key Button Jig
SKU: 147
This jig, which now comes in three pieces plus a clamp fixture, takes the guesswork out of replacing key buttons.

Item #147

Our price: $92.00
Jaras Shank and Hammer Clamp
SKU: 890
This is an entirely new tool made of lightweight aluminum measuring 20 inches in length, enough so an entire section of shanks or hammers can be clamped at one time.

Item #890

Our price: $150.00
Jaras Sharp Levelling and Key-Dip Device
SKU: 40
Technicians no longer have to rely on leveling sharps by sliding across an inaccurate key slip.

Item #40

Our price: $51.50
Jaras Upright Action Holder
SKU: 886
This Jaras tool was developed in conjunction with his upright hammer installer for holding the action in place to prevent tipping (see insert).

Item #886

Our price: $112.50
Wattage Controller
SKU: 906

Will control the watts generated from any 120 volt tool up to 400 total watts.

We recommend using this controller with our No. 99 5-in-1 Tool Kit.

Also used with the electric burn-in knife (No. 80) to regulate the heat of the blade as not to scorch or burn surface surrounding the repair.

Also works with the electric oven.

Eliminates the worry of an overheated knife.

Our price: $149.80