Please note: All liquid lubricants are available ONLY in the USA. They cannot be shipped outside the United States.


Acheson Dag® 154 Graphite Lubricant - USA ONLY
SKU: 461

This long lasting graphite dries rapidly. Available ONLY in the USA. Ground shipment ONLY.

Item #461

Our price: $23.90
Center Pin Lubricant - USA ONLY
SKU: 524A
Relieves sticky actions. Loosens rust on contact pont of strings and bearing bars.

Item #524

Our price: $7.30
Dri-Slide® Lubricant - USA ONLY
SKU: 1471.155
Not an oil, but molybdenum disulfide.

Item #1471

Our price: $23.50
Dry Graphite Powder - USA ONLY
SKU: 414-6
Especially made for lubricating wood surfaces of piano actions.

Item #414-6

Our price: $22.50
Graphite Grease - USA ONLY
SKU: 414A.155
Thick grease impregnated with graphite. Useful for lubricating trapwork, player mechanisms, etc. 2 oz. jar. Price each.
Item #414A

Our price: $7.30
Liquid Graphite Lubricant - "Squeak Douse" - USA ONLY
SKU: 412-4
For piano action parts. "Squeak Douse" is graphite, held permanently in suspension, for lubricationg center pins, pedals, damper control rods and all parts of the trap action.

Item #412-4 or 412-16

Our price: $7.70
McLube 1708L Lubricant - USA ONLY
SKU: 1410
Molydenum & fluoropolymer based lubricant.

Item #1410

Our price: $35.90
McLube 1725L Lubricant - USA ONLY
SKU: 1411
Colorless fluoropolymer-type lubricant.

Our price: $33.90
McLube 444A Lubricant - USA ONLY
SKU: 444-4

An advanced state polymer spray lubricant.

Designed for high friction areas like the keybed and frame.

Great for keypins and grand damper wires.

Provides long-lasting, durable lubrication.

Prolube has very little odor, and is environmentally safe.

Our price: $22.60
Micro-fine PTFE Powder - USA ONLY
SKU: 468.155
Micro-fine fluoropolymer in powdered form. Excellent on knuckles. 1 oz. or 4 oz. jar. Each.

Item #468

Our price: $14.60