Molded German Keytops

Molded German Keytops

Molded German Keytops
Extra thickness makes it possible to cover all imperfections in old keys, and insures against unevenness so often apparent when thinner key covering material has been used.

It will be possible for you to cover many sets of keys with little or no final shaping. The beauty and durability of the finished keyboard will command a higher price.

Produced from acrylic plastic which is hard, scratch-resitant and durable. They will not discolor with age.

.080" thick

We recommend the PVC-E Glue as an adhesive for these keytops. See the "related products" section below . . .

Please note that these keytops are thicker than the original ivory & it may be necessary for you to mill down the wood surface of the key in order to maintain the same key height. I have prepared an eBook which you can download to your computer with instructions for applying new keytops. It also contains plans for constructiong any jigs that you may need to do a professional job. If you would like to purchase a copy for $10.00, please request a copy when you check out. It will be billed separately from this order.

Price per set of 52.

Please note: The keytops for the low A & B are separated by bending them at the seam that joins them. The keytop will not break. The seam left over can then be filed to the edge of the key.
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Weight 1.00 lbs
Our price: $55.90
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