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Organ Supplies

Organ Supplies


Celluloid Stop Faces
SKU: 721-1
7/8" in diameter. Each.

Item #721

Our price: $2.30
Organ Casters
SKU: 720.174
Made of quality pressed steel. Price per set of 4.

Item #720

Our price: $26.00
Organ Pedal Webbing
SKU: 716
For reed organ pedal straps and hinges on large pneumatics, swells and equalizers. 2" wide. White: herringbone weave; extra-strong; tightly woven. Per Yard.

Item #716

Our price: $3.20
Organ Rollers
SKU: 701.174
Made of select hardwood. Set of 4.

Item #701

Our price: $19.00
Pallet Rod
SKU: 706

Made of maple. 3/16" dia.; 5-1/4" long. Each.

Item #706

Our price: $0.22
Reed Hook
SKU: 713

This newly designed tool is essential for pulling reeds.

Solid brass milled shaft is 7" long with 4" wood handle.

Our price: $30.00
Reed Scraper
SKU: 714.174
For tuning reeds. 11" long. Each.

Item #714

Our price: $21.50
Sheepskin Leather
SKU: 670-1/2

Very best full size sheepskins. Imported white alum tannage. Acid free; non corrosive. SOLD IN FULL SKINS ONLY. Average skin, 8 square feet.

Item #670

Our price: $344.00
Stop Knob
SKU: 722.174
Black enamel finish. Straight or Beveled front. The largest part of the face diameter is 1-1/8". Each.

Item #722

Our price: $7.50
Stop Rod
SKU: 729
Black. 9/16" dia.; 7-1/2" long, with shoulder. Each.

Item #729

Our price: $2.80