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Piano Care Products

Piano Care Products
Protect your piano finish wih these piano care products.


"Sweeper" Soundboard Cleaner
SKU: 6030

Made of flexible plastic that is covered by a cloth sock for cleaning. 50" long x 1" wide.

Long enough to reach under the treble strings.

Sock is machine washable and will not scratch the soundboard.

Our price: $118.00
SKU: 1426
All-Brite is a non-greasy treatment designed to polish and preserve all fine lacquered instrumnet surfaces.

Item #1426

Our price: $9.00
SKU: 1437
Buff-Brite is a high-tech, water-base buffing compound that gently removes fine scratches from all high performance finishes.

Item #1437

Our price: $13.00
Cat & Mouse Urine Defeater
SKU: 1504-8
Cory Cat & Mouse Urine Defeater is pet-friendly, but destroys odors caused by all animal urine or feces.

Our price: $19.90
Coconut Wood Cleaner
SKU: 1441B
This all-natural cleaner deep cleans grime and wax build-up from wood surfaces. Use as pre-cleaner before initial application of Cory polishes. 4 oz. spray.

Item #1441B

Our price: $7.00
Cory Cleaning Cloth
SKU: 1443A
Cory Cleaning Cloth

Item #1443A

Our price: $5.90
Cory Polishing Cloth
SKU: 1443B.159
Cory Polishing Cloth

Item #1443B

Our price: $5.90
Digital Temperature & Humidity Pen
Simultaneous displays temperature and humidity
Data hold freezes measured values
F/C switch
Auto power off after 20 minutes
Max/min memory
Fits in your shirt pocket
Item #HG-MP

Our price: $119.90
Dust 'n Buff Mitt
SKU: 1447
One side dusts . . . one side polishes! This handy mitt can super dust with genuine sheepskin and the flip over to polish with our fleece polisher material.

Item #1447

Our price: $15.90
Excalibur Polishing Cloth
SKU: 1443D

Cory's highest grade of polishing cloth.

This suede microfiber cloth is a full 16" x 16".

Completely safe and non-abrasive, the Excalibur is the elite polishing cloth for your high performance finishes.

Our price: $12.00