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Piano Wire #12 to #22

Piano Wire #12 to #22
Famous Roslau Piano Wire Imported from Germany.


Brake Only for Piano Wire Dispenser
SKU: 168.94
Brake only for piano wire dispenser.
Item #168

Our price: $2.60
Canister for Piano Wire
SKU: 166.94
The most economical and practial way to store piano wire. Holds any standard Lb. or 1 Lb. Coil.

Item #166

Our price: $7.80
Mapes International Gold Wire
SKU: 1-#M.94
A premium grade piano wire manufactured in the U.S.A. Drawn to international standards from the worlds finest steel. Exceptional tensile strength and resistance to elongation. Available in sizes 12 through 22 in 1 lb. & 12 through 23 in 5 lb. coils.

Item #M-IGS

Our price: $23.50
Piano Wire Dispenser
SKU: 1/3W/O-12.94
This is the most convenient, practical and economical way of handling small coils of piano wire. Available in 1/3 lb. coils, sizes 12 through 22.

Item #PW-1/3

Our price: $17.50
Roslau Piano Wire
SKU: 1-12

Available in 1 lb. or 5 lb. coils.
Click "see details" to select size and weight.

Item #PW

Our price: $26.50