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Pin Block Treatment

Pin Block Treatment
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Garfield Pin Block Restorer - USA Only
SKU: 1346

Tuning pin tightener.

Its effectiveness improves with one week the pins are tight enough to permit tuning. It prevents rust...will not affect glue. 4 oz. bottle.

Item #1346

Our price: $15.00
Hypo Oiler
SKU: 184

A durable 2 oz. polyethylene plastic, squeeze type bottle for applying pin block restorer. 

Our price: $5.20
Hypo Oiler
SKU: 189

Similar to the #184 oiler. 

Our price: $5.90
Lunsford's Instant Pin-Tight - USA Only
SKU: 1347
Tuning pin tightener.

Tightens in MINUTES, tune within hour - 20 minutes in many cases. 8 oz. bottle.

Item #1347

Our price: $33.90
SKU: 190

A 1 oz. polyethylene squeeze bottle with a 1¼" blunt end needle applicator.

The needle is .036" O.D. and .022" I.D.

Oiler is 4" overall and comes with a cap. 

Our price: $12.70
Plastic Oiler
SKU: 186

A ½ oz. polyethylene plastic squeeze applicator.

Excellent for applying Protek lubricant on action parts. 

Our price: $1.50