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Pin Block & Bridge Material

Pin Block & Bridge Material


5 Ply Quarter-Sawn Maple Pin Block

Size of double panel is 22" x 59". (usually makes 3 pinblocks)

Single panel is 11" x 59". Any thickness is available.

Our price: $710.00
7 Ply Quarter-Sawn Maple Pin Block
-Handcrafted in Michigan, USA
-Quartersawn tight grain hard maple
-7 Layers
-Ease of tuning
-Longevity, Premium Quality

Our price: $790.00
Bass Bridge/Cap Duplication
SKU: BB.961

Made to order; pinned and ready to install in piano. Bridge caps only can also be duplicated.

Please contact us for shipping address & current price BEFORE you ship the old bridge.

Item #BB

Our price: $550.00
Bridge Cap Material
SKU: 500.96
Laminated beech material produced by the manufactures of Delignit®.
Sheet measures 24" x 48" x 15/32" thick.

Item #500

Our price: $250.00
Delignit Pin Block Material
SKU: 493.96
Multi-laminated beech piano pin block material. Imported from Germany. "View details" for sizes.
Item #490

Our price: $330.00
Maple Pin Block Material
SKU: 563
Laminated from Northern Rock Maple. Oustanding quality and very uniform.
Price per each.

Item #562

Our price: $196.00
Pin Block Duplication
Plank rough cut to your specific needs. Submit the old plank for sample. Tuning pin holes CANNOT be drilled in new planks as this operation MUST be done after plank is fitted behind plate. Specify Delignit® or Maple material.

Item #PB

Our price: $700.00
Pointed End Bridge Pins
SKU: 551-6.97
Coppered or Nickel Plated, with one end pointed, other end round, 1" long. Price per 100.

Item #551

Our price: $10.40
Round End Bridge Pins
SKU: 543-6.97
Coppered with round ends, 3/4" long. Price per 100.

Item #543

Our price: $10.30
Sound Board Button
SKU: 354.97
Made of maple with plank grain. For 8, and 10 screws. 1" diameter.

Item #354

Our price: $0.16