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Plier Tools


Backcheck Wire Bending Pliers
SKU: 5502
Parallel sliding action permits positive and accurate forward and backward bending of either backcheck or bridle wires. Plier is nickel plated and 6" long.

Item # 5502

Our price: $398.00
Center Pin Nippers
SKU: 230
The diagonal, flush cut jaws of this plier are particularly will adapted for cutting center pins during repinning. Do not use on piano wire. Nippers are 5" long, have a polished steel finish and spring loaded, cushion grip handles.

Item #230

Our price: $56.00
Center Pin Nippers
SKU: 231
Use these pliers for relatively soft materials such as center pins. Do not use on piano wire. Jaws are flush for close cutting. Pliers are 4-1/2" long and are polished steel with rubber grips on the handles. (German Made). Each.

Item # 231

Our price: $113.00
Center Pin Pliers
SKU: 5500

A superb, high quality, lifetime tool. Pliers are constructed to have perfect parallel action to remove, and be able to replace center pins, without tearing the felt bushing. Comes with an inserter pin as will as an adjustable extracting pin assembly.

Item # 5500

Our price: $298.00
Curved Needle Pliers
SKU: 236
A good plier for hard to reach areas. The tapered and inside milled nose extends 1" out from the rubber grip handles. Plier is 6" long, polished steel finish.

Item # 236

Our price: $51.50
Damper Felt Pliers
SKU: 261
A specialized plier used for creasing or straightening damper felt in strips or in the piano. Plier is 2" wide at top, 6" long and nickel plated.

Item # 261

Our price: $160.00
Diagonal Music Wire Nippers
SKU: 238
An all purpose wire cutting plier that has hardened steel jaws. Made of polished steel 6" long.

Our price: $39.50
Duck Bill Pliers
SKU: 242
Especially useful where slender-nosed pliers with flat jaws are required. Jaws are 3/8" wide and milled for extra gripping power. Polished steel pliers are 7" long, and have rubber grip handles. (German Made). each.

Item # 242

Our price: $99.00
Grand Hammer Head Extracting Pliers
SKU: 120

Grand Hammer Head Extracting Pliers are used to remove grand hammer heads from their shanks.

Made from casted magnesian bronze that is chrome plated.

Adjustable screw has a location point to prevent slippage during hammer head extraction. 8" overall length.

Our price: $110.00
Grand Hammer Shank Extracting Pliers
SKU: 3295
These high precision, high quality pliers are ideal for removing grand hammer heads from shanks. (German Made). Each.
Item #3295

Our price: $138.00