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Polyester Repair Products

Polyester Repair Products
The Konig Company of West Germany is the European leader in the development and manufacturing of "State of the Art" refinishing and touch-up materials. Over 40 years ago, German piano makers started using polyester finishes - just in the past few years, German chemists have found a fool-proof way to fix them.

In the past, polyester repair was complicated by long curing times, unpredictable chemical reactions and a short shelf life for the polyester. Nowadays, a 9 month shelf life is guaranteed, but realistically, you can expect the polyester to last 18 months. Also, the hardening process only takes twenty minutes so you can see same day results.

Just recently, a two hour instructional video was made that coordinates with the 22 page polyester repair manual, to show all of the aspects of polyester touch-up. With the Polyking Repair Kit, everything except a chisel and some tape is included to make fast, "factory perfect" repairs.


Canton Buffing Wheel
SKU: 465.168

Item #465

Our price: $29.40
SKU: 1425.168
1-1/2 sq. yd. Each.

Item #1425

Our price: $4.50
Intensive Black Color
SKU: 443A.168
This is a special combination of pigment and dye designed to blend with polyester lacquer. Use this for most ebony finishes. 30 ml. Bottle. Each.

Item #443A

Our price: $21.90
Kanten-Fix Gloss Touch-Up Pen
SKU: 457A.168
Various colors. Each.
Item #457

Our price: $25.00
Menzerna Wax Buffing Compound
SKU: 462.168
850 g. Each.
Item #462

Our price: $37.00
Paint Box with Brush
SKU: 467.168
Allows for a custom color match in moments. Each.

Item #467

Our price: $129.90
Plastic Sheets
SKU: 449.168
For dam construction (5 ea. 8" x 10"). Per pkg.

Item #449

Our price: $7.90
Polishing Liquid
SKU: 447A.168
K03. Each.

Item #447

Our price: $31.00
Polishing Liquid
SKU: 448A.168
BP4. Each.

Item #448

Our price: $37.90