Pressed Felt

Pressed Felt


Action Leather - Standard Quality
SKU: 329A

For Butts, Backchecks and Catchers - .073" Thick.

1 roll totals 36". One roll should complete one "set" of backchecks.
Price per roll.

Item #329

Our price: $6.00
Cotton Stringing Braid
SKU: 327
Extra quality scarlet stringing braid. Available in 36 yard rolls.

Item #327

Our price: $23.00
Ecsaine Synthetic Buckskin
SKU: 2400A
Ecsaine Synthetic Buckskin

3/8"W X .075"T X 1 METER

7/16"W X .075"T X 1 METER

Price per set. (one set totals 1 meter)

Our price: $15.00
Ecsaine Synthetic Buckskin
SKU: 2400-BULK


Our price: $270.00
Felt & Cloth Remnants
SKU: 2370.111
Odds and End pieces of random felt and cloth. All new clean material. End cuts from stripped rolls and odd length pieces. Per 1 Lb. package.
Item #2370

Our price: $35.90
Firm Pressure Bar Felt
SKU: 952.111
Used between strings & pressure bar on Grands. Firm scarlet color. Linear grain of felt makes it possible to peel the strip to desired thickness.
1/4" x 1" x 36".
Price per strip.

Item #952

Our price: $16.20
Firm Understring Felt
SKU: 2335
Firm scarlet felt 1-1/8" wide x 32" long. 1/4" or 3/16" thick. This felt can also be used as a Pedal Trim Felt.
Price per strip.

Item #2335

Our price: $14.50
Grand Damper Lifter Felt
SKU: 947.111
Placed on the back of keys to lift the dampers. 1/2" wide x 56" long strips. Price per strip.

Item #947

Our price: $4.70
Grand Hammer Rail Felt
SKU: 326.111
Semi-firm scarlet felt. 3/4" wide x 54" long x 3/8" thick strips or continuous roll of 12 strips. Per strip.
In bulk sheets: 7-1/2" wide x 52" long. Per sheet.
Item #326

Our price: $12.50
Grand Rim Braid
SKU: 2340G.109
3/8" Diameter decorator cord used between the piano plate and the rim of the piano.
Price per yard

Item #2340

Our price: $5.90