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Regulating Tools

Regulating Tools


Damper Screw Regulator
SKU: 4107
An ingenious tool with a finder designed to fit over damper screws for ease of regulation. The recessed screwdriver blade is 3/16" long. Regulator is 8" and chrome plated.

Item #4107

Our price: $25.50
Double Head Screwdriver
SKU: 73
Tool is 5" long and chrome plated. Both blades are 5/16" wide.

Item #73

Our price: $25.00
Drop Lifter Action Button Regulator
SKU: 3333
Regulated lost motion on Pratt-Read drop actions. 5" long, chrome plated.

Item #3333

Our price: $27.00
Fendon Grand and Upright Backcheck Bender
SKU: 197
Through the help of fellow piano technician, Tom Fendon, we have improved our backcheck bender to be dual-purpose. One end of the tool bends wire forward or backward on grands, the other end is for upright backchecks.

Item #197

Our price: $46.00
Flange Screwdriver
SKU: 35
This is a special designed screwdriver for hard to reach action screws. Blade is 3/8" wide with shank diameter of 1/4" tapering to 5/32". Chrome plated.

Item #35

Our price: $36.50
Flange Screwdriver - Phillips
SKU: 3115
The thin shank will permit passing the jack to reach upright flange screws. May also be used for damper screws. Do not use for general screwdriving, as shank is not sufficiently strong. 1/8" shank, 8" long, blade 1/4" wide. Each.
Item #3115

Our price: $29.00
Friction Tool Handle
SKU: 150
This plastic handle, measuring 3-1/2" long, is a fluted octagon shape like our No. 26 combination handle. A quick exchange of tools is possible because of an "O" ring, rather than a screw collar, keeps the inserted tools in place.

Item #150

Our price: $21.00
Grand Action Screwdriver
SKU: 193
Made of fine quality tool steel, this 7" long screwdriver has a 1/8" wide shaft and blade that is black oxided. Plastic handle is 2" long.

Item #193

Our price: $21.00
Grand Agraffe Remover
SKU: 30
A fast, simple way for removing and replacing agraffes. Slotted head measures 7/16" long x 3/16" wide. Tool is 5" long and is chrome plated.

Item #30

Our price: $22.50
Grand Damper Hook
SKU: 93
This tool is designed to come up under the strings over the guide rail, and fit around the damper wire near the damper head for precise regulation. The damper hook has 5/64" slot, a 3/16" diameter, chrome plated shaft and is 12" overall length.

Item #93

Our price: $35.00