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Regulating Tools

Regulating Tools


Grand Damper Wire Easer
SKU: 195
Used for releasing pressure on bushing cloth around damper wires without removing the damper. 3-1/2" long wooden handle with brass plated shaft makes the tool's overall length 7-1/2".

Item #195

Our price: $26.00
Grand Drop Screw Regulator
SKU: 194
The same tool as our No. 4102 Regulator except for the 2" long plastic handle. 1/8" diameter shaft is chrome plated. Regulator is 7" long with a 1/8" wide recessed slot for use on grand repetition lever screws.

Item #194

Our price: $20.00
Grand Drop Screw Regulator
SKU: 4102
A beautifully designed tool with a 1/8" long recessed opening that helps locate and regulate grand repetition lever screws. All regulators have 1/8" diameter shanks and are chrome plated.

Item #4102

Our price: $24.00
Grand Hammer Butt Spacer
SKU: 196
For correctly spacing grand hammer shanks and hammer heads. The 6-1/2" long spacer has openings of 3/8" and 5/16" on either end.

Item #196

Our price: $29.00
Grand Let-Off Regulator
SKU: 3149

Universal Grand Piano Let-Off Regulator Measuring 5-1/2" long, this accurately machined wrench made from high-polished stainless steel enables precise adjustment of jack escapement in any grand piano made in the USA without removing the action.

One side for precise eye type regulating the other for dowel type. Developed by Keith Akins, RPT.

Our price: $97.00
Grand Screwdriver
SKU: 37
A specially designed tool with a 3/16" wide opening to regulate grand key rail prop nuts. Having a 1/4" diameter shank and measuring 8" long, this screwdriver is chrome plated.

Item #37

Our price: $25.00
Hammer Shank Reducer
SKU: 75
Used to remove glue, and reduce size of hammer shanks to fit new hammer heads exactly. Slight turn of nut adjusts size to within 1/100 of an inch. Tool is 2-3/4" long, nickel plated.

Our price: $29.50
Handy Hammer
SKU: 36
Srainless steel hammer head for little jobs that require a small hammer. Used with our combination handle, the handy hammer saves space in your tool box. Hammer is 3-1/2" long overall and has a 7/8" diameter head that is 2" long.

Item #36

Our price: $49.00
Hart Spring Tool
SKU: 895
Developed by piano technician, Glen Hart, this patented spring tool is considered the best one in the industry. Measuring 7" long with a plastic sleeve handle, the tool is made of stainless steel and will last a lifetime.

Item #895

Our price: $60.00
Hart Voicing Tool
SKU: 897
Through the string grand voicing tool for fine voicing of individual hammers. This slender 9 brass tool allows easy access to hammers without pulling out the action. Needle is held by a set screw, and is replaceable.

Item #897

Our price: $37.00