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Regulating Tools

Regulating Tools


Jack Spring Hole Reamer
SKU: 127

Tool is designed with serrated teeth to remove glue from jack spring hole, permitting easy replacement of jack spring. 5" long, chrome plated.

Our price: $27.00
Key Balance Hole Burnisher
SKU: 43
Used with a combination handle, this specially tapered tool is designed to be inserted from the top, bushing side of the key so that the balance hole can be properly sized. Tool has a 1/8" shaft flared to 3/16" and then tapered to a point. Overall length is 4", chrome plated.

Item #43

Our price: $32.00
Key Spacer
SKU: 59B
The tool is used for regulating key pins. Chrome plated. 9" long.

Our price: $19.00
Kimball Lost Motion Regulator
SKU: 60
A specialty tool for regulating the special button on Kimball drop actions. 6" long, chrome plated.

Our price: $30.00
Kimball Screwdriver
SKU: 4106
Designed for Kimball damper lever screws. Tool is 8" long with both the shank diameter and blade width being 1/8". Polished steel.

Our price: $20.50
Mannino Flange/Keyframe Tool
SKU: 119
This tool has 2 functions: spacing flanges and regulating keyframe glides.

Item #119

Our price: $79.00
Mason & Hamlin Wrench
SKU: 19
Originally, this tool was designed to tune Mason & Hamlin "screw stringer" pianos. Measuring 4-1/2" long and 3/8" wide, this chrome plated wrench is used to adjust the jack regulating screw on current day grand pianos without removing the action.

Our price: $31.00
Offset Key Spacer
SKU: 464
The offset in this tool makes it easy to reach past the front row of key pins when twisting or bending pins under the sharp keys. 6" long, chrome plated.

Our price: $31.00
Offset Square Capstan Regulator
SKU: 3113
Fits most square shoulder capstan screws. Each.

Our price: $30.00
Phillips Screwdriver
SKU: 33A

The No. 2 Phillips screwdriver has a 1/4" diameter shank and is finished in polished steel. 8" long.

Item #33A

Our price: $17.00