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Regulating Tools

Regulating Tools


Double Head Screwdriver
SKU: 73
Tool is 5" long and chrome plated. Both blades are 5/16" wide.

Item #73

Our price: $25.00
Wurlitzer Screw Extractor
SKU: 74
A specialty tool designed for removing broken action bracket screws from Wurlitzer vertical pianos.

Our price: $36.50
Hammer Shank Reducer
SKU: 75
Used to remove glue, and reduce size of hammer shanks to fit new hammer heads exactly. Slight turn of nut adjusts size to within 1/100 of an inch. Tool is 2-3/4" long, nickel plated.

Our price: $29.50
"T" Combination Handle
SKU: 79N

Tool has all the same functions as our No. 26 combination handle.

The "T" style handle allows for greater pressure to be exerted for those difficult situations.

Nylon handle is 4" long and has a 3" chrome plated shaft and collar.

Our price: $39.50
Rocker Screwdriver
SKU: 81

Made from chrome plated tool steel, this screwdriver is 8" long and has 5/16" wide blades.

Our price: $20.00
Capstan and Key Pin Regulator
SKU: 82
A two in one tool that can regulate both the front key pin and capstan screw. 7" long, chrome plated.

Item #82

Our price: $25.50
Capstan Screwdriver
SKU: 83
Made from stainless steel this capstan regulator is 8" long.

Item #83

Our price: $25.50
Square Capstan Screw Wrench
SKU: 84A

A double sided tool with one end having a 1/8" wide opening, the other end 3/16" wide. Chrome plated.

Item #84

Our price: $22.50
Angled Capstan Screw Wrench
SKU: 84C
Similar to our No. 84A except that the open end has a 45 degree angle for ease of regulating the capstan underneath the key. 6" long, chrome plated.

Item #84C

Our price: $26.00
Spoon Bender
SKU: 85

For ease in adjusting the spoon, the angle of this tool facilitates getting under and around the whippens without removing the piano action. Being 6" long and chrome plated, this Spoon bender can be used on direct blow type actions.

Item #85

Our price: $26.50