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Regulating Tools

Regulating Tools


Spoon Bender
SKU: 87

For use in reaching under key beds on spinet drop action pianos. 12" long, chrome plated. 

Our price: $27.00
Spring Hook
SKU: 91A

A general purpose tool used for positioning all types of action springs. Hook is polished steel, handle is 2" long and plastic. 

Our price: $20.00
Spring Hook
SKU: 91C

A multi-purpose tool that adjusts tension on grand repetition springs as well as positioning hammer and damper springs on upright pianos. Nickel plated, 6-1/2" long.

Our price: $26.00
Square Capstan Regulator
SKU: 3112
Fits most square capstans screws. Double bend facilitates positioning. Each.

Our price: $34.00
Square Capstan Screw Wrench
SKU: 84A

A double sided tool with one end having a 1/8" wide opening, the other end 3/16" wide. Chrome plated.

Item #84

Our price: $22.50
Steinway Capstan Screw Regulator
SKU: 97

Measuring 7-1/2" long x 5/8" wide, this regulator is for Steinway piano capstans. Tool has both end openings measuring 5/16" wide and is nickel plated.

Item #97

Our price: $30.50
Sticker Holder Tool
SKU: 3335

Holds the sticker while you regulate the lost motion. 5" long, chrome plated.

Item #3335

Our price: $17.00
Ultra Slim Regulating Screwdriver
SKU: 3141
For grand repetition lever screws, and grand butt screws with flattened ends. 9" Long.

Our price: $24.00
Universal Action Regulator
SKU: 3157
6-1/2" long. Each.
Item #3157

Our price: $32.00
Universal Capstan Screw Regulator
SKU: 86

For grands and uprights. Slotted end regulates Steinway, Baldwin and other pianos with square shouldered capstans. Pointed end regulates any capstan having a perforated head. 9" long, chrome plated. 

Our price: $50.00