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Regulating Tools

Regulating Tools


Upright Backcheck Bender
SKU: 3104
7" long, an excellent tool for bending upright backchecks. Each.
Item #3104

Our price: $28.50
Upright Flange Spacer
SKU: 65

Measuring 9" overall with a 1/4" diameter shaft and an 11/16" wide blade, this tool is designed for lining up upright butt and whippen flanges. Polished steel.

Item #65

Our price: $27.50
Upright Spoon Bender
SKU: R-9
New slender design. Japanese style.

Our price: $126.00
Wurlitzer Screw Extractor
SKU: 74
A specialty tool designed for removing broken action bracket screws from Wurlitzer vertical pianos.

Our price: $36.50
Yamaha Flange Spacing Tool
SKU: R-31
For grands. Metal. Each.
Item #R-31

Our price: $170.00