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Regulating Tools

Regulating Tools


Mannino Flange/Keyframe Tool
SKU: 119
This tool has 2 functions: spacing flanges and regulating keyframe glides.

Item #119

Our price: $79.00
Jack Spring Hole Reamer
SKU: 127

Tool is designed with serrated teeth to remove glue from jack spring hole, permitting easy replacement of jack spring. 5" long, chrome plated.

Our price: $27.00
Butt Plate Inserter
SKU: 128

Used for holding brass butt plates while installing brass flange repair clips. Tool is 8-1/2" long, nickel plated with plastic handle.

Our price: $27.00
Friction Tool Handle
SKU: 150
This plastic handle, measuring 3-1/2" long, is a fluted octagon shape like our No. 26 combination handle. A quick exchange of tools is possible because of an "O" ring, rather than a screw collar, keeps the inserted tools in place.

Item #150

Our price: $21.00
Mason & Hamlin Wrench
SKU: 19
Originally, this tool was designed to tune Mason & Hamlin "screw stringer" pianos. Measuring 4-1/2" long and 3/8" wide, this chrome plated wrench is used to adjust the jack regulating screw on current day grand pianos without removing the action.

Our price: $31.00
Grand Action Screwdriver
SKU: 193
Made of fine quality tool steel, this 7" long screwdriver has a 1/8" wide shaft and blade that is black oxided. Plastic handle is 2" long.

Item #193

Our price: $21.00
Grand Drop Screw Regulator
SKU: 194
The same tool as our No. 4102 Regulator except for the 2" long plastic handle. 1/8" diameter shaft is chrome plated. Regulator is 7" long with a 1/8" wide recessed slot for use on grand repetition lever screws.

Item #194

Our price: $20.00
Grand Damper Wire Easer
SKU: 195
Used for releasing pressure on bushing cloth around damper wires without removing the damper. 3-1/2" long wooden handle with brass plated shaft makes the tool's overall length 7-1/2".

Item #195

Our price: $26.00
Grand Hammer Butt Spacer
SKU: 196
For correctly spacing grand hammer shanks and hammer heads. The 6-1/2" long spacer has openings of 3/8" and 5/16" on either end.

Item #196

Our price: $29.00
Fendon Grand and Upright Backcheck Bender
SKU: 197
Through the help of fellow piano technician, Tom Fendon, we have improved our backcheck bender to be dual-purpose. One end of the tool bends wire forward or backward on grands, the other end is for upright backchecks.

Item #197

Our price: $46.00