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Bench Cover
SKU: 827.10
Eliminates the time and expense of wrapping legs and padding tops of piano benches. Canvas bench cover.

Item #827

Our price: $88.00
Bench Hinges
SKU: 575
Steel, brass plated. Length along pin: 1-1/4". Width when open: 1-1/8" or 1-3/4". Note: The 1-3/4" width has unequal leaves. Price per pair.

Our price: $3.40
Bent Back Check Regulator
SKU: 472
Used to bend either backcheck or bridle wire in any direction; shaped so it can be used without taking out the nameboard. Tool is 5" long and nickel plated.

Item #472

Our price: $50.00
Bent Backcheck Regulator
SKU: R-1
Bent Backcheck Regulator

Our price: $96.00
Billings - Brass Rail Butt
SKU: 509J
Pratt-Read style butt fits brass billings flanges. Made in Japan. Each.

Item # 509J

Our price: $9.14
Billings Brass Flange
SKU: 512.128
To be used with #509J butt. Each.

Item #512

Our price: $2.50
Black Neoprene Tubing
SKU: 606A
For tracker bar, reproducers, expression buttons, controls. Finest grade. Per Box.

Item #606

Our price: $69.50
Blush Eraser®
SKU: 1417-100.161
Humid or cold weather can cause a finish to turn white or "blush". Behlen Blush Eraser reflows the lacquer and allows the trapped moisture to escape. 15 oz. can.

Item #1417-100

Our price: $14.00
Brake Only for Piano Wire Dispenser
SKU: 168.94
Brake only for piano wire dispenser.
Item #168

Our price: $2.60