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Brass Desk Knob
SKU: 350E
9/16" Dia., 1/2" Height.
Item #350E

Our price: $1.90
Bridge Cap Material
SKU: 500.96
Laminated beech material produced by the manufactures of Delignit®.
Sheet measures 24" x 48" x 15/32" thick.

Item #500

Our price: $250.00
Bridge Chisel
SKU: 573
This offset design allows for the chisel to be positioned flat to exert pressure at the glue joint.

Item #573

Our price: $33.00
Bridge Pin Drill
SKU: 72A.49
These 2" long, high speed drills are recommended for bridge pins from size No. 6 to No. 10.

Item #72

Our price: $3.50
Bridle Wire
SKU: 532
Fluted end. Each.

Item #532

Our price: $0.20
Brite-Tone Hammer Head Solidifier - USA ONLY
SKU: 499-8.103
For restoring lost tone to soft hammers. In use, apply a small amount along top & bottom surface of hammer to within 1/2" of striking point. Do not apply on striking surface. 8 oz. bottle.

Note: Available only in North America.

Item #499-8

Our price: $16.00
Broken Tuning Pin Extractor
SKU: 110

Used for removing broken tuning pins.

Item #110

Our price: $39.00
SKU: 1437
Buff-Brite is a high-tech, water-base buffing compound that gently removes fine scratches from all high performance finishes.

Item #1437

Our price: $13.00
Buffing Wheels
SKU: 452
Fine durable cotton. Use more than one if broader surface desired. 1/2" hole.

Item #465

Our price: $18.00
Burn-In Balm
SKU: 1451.164
Heat resistant paste used to prevent damage to surrounding finish while performing burn-in repair. 4 oz. jar. Each.

Item #1451

Our price: $23.00