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Butt Plate
SKU: 518A
Extra heavy brass; with screws. Each.

Item #518A

Our price: $1.38
Butt Plate Inserter
SKU: 128
Used for holding brass butt plates while installing brass flange repair clips. Tool is 8-1/2" long, nickel plated with plastic handle.

Item #128

Our price: $27.00
Butt Spring
SKU: 3736
For all Kimball pianos. Per 100.

Item #3736

Our price: $18.50
C - Clamp
SKU: CT-50.81
Adjustable "C" clamp has correctly designed malleable iron frames for the greatest strength. Clamp also has oscillating swivels that stay put, carefully fitted steel screws and sliding "vise type" handles. 1" throat depth.

Item #CT-50

Our price: $3.50
Canister for Piano Wire
SKU: 166.94
The most economical and practial way to store piano wire. Holds any standard Lb. or 1 Lb. Coil.

Item #166

Our price: $7.80
Canton Buffing Wheel
SKU: 465.168

Item #465

Our price: $29.40
Canvas Band Clamp
SKU: CT-615.81
Similar to the nylon band clamp listed above except that the band is made of a 2" wide x 15 foot pre-stretched canvas. This heavy duty clamp has self locking cams to hold the bend securely after being tightened down with the 5/8" diameter steel screw.

Item #CT-615

Our price: $198.00
Capstan and Key Pin Regulator
SKU: 82
A two in one tool that can regulate both the front key pin and capstan screw. 7" long, chrome plated.

Item #82

Our price: $25.50
Capstan Regulator
SKU: 88
Designed primarily for regulating the dowel type capstans on Yamaha upright pianos. The end of this tool is very narrow to accommodate the small holes in the capstan dowels. Overall length is 11-1/2" that includes a 3-1/2" wood handle and an 8" chrome plated shaft.

Item #88

Our price: $30.50
Capstan Screw Wrench
SKU: R-10
Grand and Upright. Each.
Item #R-10

Our price: $32.00