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Center Pin Punch
SKU: 176
Punch is used for removing center pins from flanges. 3" long, nickel plated.

Item #176

Our price: $17.00
Center Pins
SKU: 347-18
Nickel silver. Available in the following sizes: #18 - #25. Price per 2 oz. package.

Click "see details" to select size.

Item #347

Our price: $25.00
SKU: FC-300.86

Set consists of a steel handle plunger assembly and 9 cutting dies ranging from 1/4" to 1" in diameter. With this punch set, accurate washers can be cut from rubber, leather, felt, canvas and some soft metals. Metal storage case included.

Item #FC-300

Our price: $140.00
CF Key Spacer and Easer
SKU: R-33
For grands and uprights. Wooden handle. Each.
Item #R-33

Our price: $90.00
Chalk Chuck
SKU: 161.49
A convenient tool to carry for your marking requirements. Chalk easily extends or retracts into the 3" long aluminum holder.

Item #161

Our price: $15.00
Channel Brass
SKU: 1093
Repair split or worn music desks quickly with these brass reinforcements. Also useful for new music desks to prevent damage and wear. Satin brass. Per pair.
For Spiniets & Consoles.

Our price: $23.00
SKU: 1425.168
1-1/2 sq. yd. Each.

Item #1425

Our price: $4.50
Chickering Grand Flange
SKU: 590
For Chickering Grand Whippens. Each.

Item #590

Our price: $9.50
Chisel Set
SKU: 292.86
4 piece set includes one each of 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" wide blades made from professional quality drip forged steel. All have full bodied, impact resistant plastic handles. Vinyl pouch storage case.

Item #292

Our price: $35.00
SKU: 130B.48
This clamp is used with the hammer head and butt extractor. #130

Item #130B

Our price: $31.50