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Schaff Piano Supply


Clamp-On Vise
SKU: 288.84
This light duty clamp-on vise has a 3" jaw width with a maximum opening capacity of 2-1/2". Vise mounts securely on bench edges up to 2-1/2" thick.

Item #288

Our price: $35.90
Claw Buckle
SKU: 808.11
Good quality; positive grip. 2" claw. Each.

Item #808

Our price: $9.00
Claw Hammer
SKU: MF-1417.84
This 16 oz. Claw Hammer is made from hickory wood and has a polished, drop forged head.

Item #MF-1417

Our price: $15.00
Clear Lacquer
SKU: 1438.161
Produces the finest air drying lacquer for the protection of tarnishable solid or plated metal. 12 oz. aerosol can. Each.

Item #1438

Our price: $35.50
Clip-On Mini-Light
SKU: 3320

Provides direct illumination in tight places with a powerful LED light.

Features a double ball joint neck for limitless angling and an ABS plastic alligator clip for securing to most surfaces, allowing hands-free work.

Our price: $21.00
Coil Setter
SKU: 175

Used for setting coil wire in even rows on the tuning pin.

Item #175

Our price: $25.50
Coil Setter-Tightener
SKU: 171

With the design of this tool, great leverage can be applied to squeeze wire snug around tuning pins.

Tool is 5-1/2" long, 3/4" diameter and has a black oxide finish.

Our price: $32.00
Coil Tightener
SKU: 3155
Round, hardened steel, with half cutout. Each.
Item 3155

Our price: $27.50
Combination Tool Handle
SKU: 26
A space and weight saving, multi-purpose handle that fits the entire set of regulating tools. Tools are secured and released by slight turn of compressing nut. Octagon plastic handle is black, overall tool length is 5".

Item #26

Our price: $46.00
Combination Tool Handle, Large
SKU: RL-13
Large. Each.
Item #RL-13

Our price: $88.00