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Adjustable Handscrews
SKU: CT-708.81
Used for gluing and assembly of woodwork, furniture, cabinet work, musical instruments, etc. The hard maple jaws do not mar the work, and can afford a broad area of evenly distributed pressure or concentration at one point. Steel spindle hand screws have hard maple handles.

Item #CT-708

Our price: $49.50
Adjustable Head Voicing Tool
SKU: 105.46
Designed to be rotated into three different positions to accommodate individual voicing techniques. Overall length is 4-1/2" with a 2-1/2" plastic handle.

Item #105

Our price: $36.50
Adjustable Sticker
SKU: 510AJ.128
Make to a desired length on the spot by merely cutting the dowel and gluing on both ends of sticker. Comes in two sizes to cover almost any size used. Shipped unassembled.

Item # 510

Our price: $11.32
Adjustable Truck for Upright Piano
SKU: 4006.16
Heavy tubular construction and adjustable in width and length. Width adjustable from 12" to 18" inside rubber bumpers. Length adjustable from 34" to 56" overall. Overall width 33-3/8". Load capacity: 800 lbs. Raises the piano 3/4" to 1" above normal height.
Item #4006

Our price: $850.00
Adjustable Voicing Tool
SKU: 3315

Adjustable voicing tool with hardwood handle.

3 needle 6-1/2" overall length

6.5 ounces

Includes cover

Our price: $199.00
Adjustable Voicing Tool for Combination Handle
SKU: 104.46
Like our No. 105 Voicing Tool, this comes with 4 needles. 3" long.

Item #104

Our price: $35.00
Adjustable Wrench
SKU: 4026.85
Again, this is a valuable tool for a compact tool case. Only 4" long, that jaws can open to 1/2" wide.

Item #4026

Our price: $49.50
Aeolian American Grand Action Spring
SKU: 580.147
Grand action spring. Each.

Item #580

Our price: $5.70
Aerosol Spray Lacquers
SKU: 1417-F26.163
Especially formulated to enable the experienced as well as the novice to do a professional job. Unfinished and finished wooden arms, legs, scuffed and rubbed through areas can be finished with ease by simply applying the desired shades. 13 oz. can. Each.

Item #1417

Our price: $13.70