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Ampico 1919 Manual with 1920 Supplement
SKU: 1708
This rare book goes into detail about the operating principles of the Ampico action. Includes many illustrations and diagrams. Each.
Item #1708

Our price: $13.90
Ampico 1923 Inspectors Reference Book
SKU: 1624
Original illustrations, tubing schemes. All explanations are based on the upright Ampico but apply as will to grand models made prior to 1929. 20 pages.

Item #1624

Our price: $11.00
Ampico Model A Tubing Chart
SKU: 1709
Blueprint of the tubing for the model A Ampico grand, which is equally useful for uprights. Made from an original factory print. Although the clarity of this reproduction is not as good as desired, it is the best available, and will be helpful in servicing these old instruments.
Item #1709

Our price: $11.90
Ampico Service Manual
SKU: 1608
A reprint of the 56 page 1929 manual on servicing the Ampico Reproducing Mechanism, complete with original illustrations and tubing schemes.

Item #1608

Our price: $11.00
Angled Capstan Screw Wrench
SKU: 84C
Similar to our No. 84A except that the open end has a 45 degree angle for ease of regulating the capstan underneath the key. 6" long, chrome plated.

Item #84C

Our price: $26.00
Arch Punches
SKU: 3221.56
For punching leather, felt and cloth. Excellent for player and organ gaskets. Constructed of cast iron. Any size not listed can be special ordered. Each.
Item #3221

Our price: $45.80
Asian Type Whippen
SKU: 3812J-R.126
Will fit Yamaha and other Asian upright actions. Made in Japan. Each.
Item #3812J

Our price: $9.00
Assorted Brass and Nickel Plated Wood Screws
18 sizes of slotted oval head and flat head wood screws, brass plated and nickel plated - 570 pieces. All are popular sizes used on piano hardware and hinges. Each Kit.
Item #SP6

Our price: $99.50
Assorted Desk Knobs

Conveniently packaged in a clear plastic box, will save you time and money and enable you to see what you have when you need it.

Includes 32 pair assorted wood and brass desk knobs and buttons.

Our price: $79.00