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Assorted Hinge Pins, Desk Hinges & Keys
7 doz. popular size hinge pins. 1 pair Steinway Ball Tip hinge pins. 6 each Triangular Upright Keys. 2 pair desk hinges with screws. Each.
Item #SP3

Our price: $178.00
Assorted Round Steel Wood Screws
18 sizes of round head wood screws - 408 pieces. Each Kit.
Item #SP5

Our price: $58.00
Assorted Rubber Nails & Buttons
10 each of 17 sizes and colors of rubber nails and buttons plus 1-1/2 dozen assorted wood top buttons. Convenietly packaged in clear plastic box included.
Item #SP1

Our price: $55.00
Automatic Re-roll Unit
SKU: 623.173

For Full Size Players Only. Each.

Temporarily unavailable.

Item #623

Our price: $230.00
Autopiano Player Piano Pointers
SKU: 1625
An especially informative booklet on regulation, action removal, timing the motor, detecting leaks, etc. 31 pages, illustratied.

Item #1625

Our price: $11.00
Autostrobe 590
SKU: PT-590.38
The 590 features an audible tuner, a built-in speaker, and a headphone jack. You
can simultaneously see and hear the pitch that you are tuning to when using the
Model 590.

Item #PT590

Our price: $1125.00
Auxiliary Whippen
SKU: 3752.130

Item # 3752

Our price: $4.50
Auxiliary Whippen Flange
SKU: 3754.130

Item # 3754

Our price: $4.64
SKU: MF-365.85
4" forged steel blade with a wood handle, makes this awl 7" in length.

Item #MF-365

Our price: $13.00
Back Check Felt
SKU: 310X
One strip is enough for a full set of upright backchecks.
1-1/8" x 36"
Price per strip.

Item #310

Our price: $27.90