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Balance Rail Paper Punchings
SKU: 333-001
Made of paper or cardboard. 1/2" diameter.

Price per 1,000

Item #333

Our price: $13.00
Balance Rail Pins
SKU: 351A
Round key pins for center or balance rail. Nickel plated steel.

Item #351

Our price: $0.40
Baldwin Grand Covers
SKU: 27B52.7
Click on "View Details" for available sizes.

Item #27B

Our price: $234.00
Baldwin Hamilton & Acrosonic Butt
SKU: 3744A
Without wood flange. Designed to fit the 511CJ flange. Each.

Item # 3744A

Our price: $2.50
Ball Peen Hammer
SKU: MF-1916.84
Same as Claw Hammer #MF-1417 except the head is a ball peen type.

Item #MF-1916

Our price: $16.00
Bar Polish
SKU: 425
For key tops.
Reddish-brown Tripoli for genuine ivory.
Nu-White for pyralin or ivorine. 2 lb. brick.

Item #425

Our price: $17.00
Barnes Undercover
SKU: UC-B-156
Undercover for grands. Choose piano model.

Our price: $258.00
Barnes Undercover
Undercover for vertical pianos. Choose height of piano.

Our price: $258.00
Bass Bridge/Cap Duplication
SKU: BB.961

Made to order; pinned and ready to install in piano. Bridge caps only can also be duplicated.

Please contact us for shipping address & current price BEFORE you ship the old bridge.

Item #BB

Our price: $550.00