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Beginner's Tuning Kit
SKU: #1

Tuning Tools:
1 ea. #7 Student Tuning Hammer
1 ea. #2111 "C-523.3" Tuning Fork or #2110 "A-440" Tuning Fork
1 ea. #209 Temperament Strip
2 ea. #202 Mutes
2 ea. #203 Mutes
4 ea. #205 Mutes

Note: #8, #4 or #16 Levers may be substituted for #7 Student Tuning Hammer.

Item #1

Our price: $98.89
Market price: $123.50 save 20%
Stringing Kit
SKU: #2.39
Bearing Check Gauge
String Stretcher
Tuning Pin Crank
Tuning Pin Setter
Tuning Pin Extractor
Tuning Pin Punch
String Spacer & Lifter
Coil Setter-Tightener
Piano Wire Cutters
Center & Tuning Pin Gauge
Music Wire Gauge

Item #2

Our price: $930.00
Music Wire Assortment Kit
SKU: #3.39
Twelve 1/3 lb. coils of Röslau piano wire.
#13, 13˝, 14, 14˝, 15, 15˝, 16, 16˝, 17, 18, 19, 20

Item #3

Our price: $189.00
Regulating Tool Kit
SKU: #5.39
Combination Tool Handle
5/16" Screw Driver, 8" long
1/4" Screw Driver, 8" long
Regulating Screw Driver
Damper Regulator
Spoon Bender
Offset Key Spacer
Back Check Regulator

Item #5

Our price: $196.00
Hammer Replacement Kit
SKU: #6.39
High Speed Drill
Felt Picker
Sandpaper File
Shank Reducer
Smoothing Iron
1 doz. Hammer Shank Repair Sleeves
Hammer Head Solidifier
Hammer Shank Nippers
1 doz. Upright Hammer Shanks
1 doz. Spinet Hammer Shanks

Item #6

Our price: $210.00
Flat Steel Spring
SKU: 0880.172
Inward pressure for reservoirs. 8 lbs. pressure, 8" long. Each.

Item #0880

Our price: $11.80
Padded Upright Covers
SKU: 1-30

Constructed of heavy duty black close-weave duck, padded with cotton filling, flannel lined and quilted in 4” diamond pattern with nylon thread. Water resistant.

This is not a commercial padding material, but is made exclusively to our specifications.

Fitted with slits in back for hand holds. Closed Backs.

Our price: $414.00
Gooseneck Harpsichord Tuning Lever
SKU: 10

Lever measures 8" in overall length including a 4" hardwood handle.

The one piece, nickel plated shaft and tuning head comes with a star tip approximately 5mm inside diameter which fits a pin that is .198 in diameter.

Our price: $29.00
Cortland Needle File Set
SKU: 100.85
Consists of 12 different needle files, as shown in the photo, that are to be used for any fine craftsman type work. Files are 5-1/2" long and stored in a plastic case.

Item #100

Our price: $45.50
Grand Pedals
SKU: 1000.142
Solid brass polished. Overall length 8". No horn. 2-3/8" from center of pin to center of lyre rod hole. Set of 3

Item #1000

Our price: $140.70