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15-in-One Ratchet Screwdriver
SKU: 3271.82
A slight turn of the spring-loaded bit selector knob opens the chamber for easy accesss and storage- making the exchange of bits a snap. A must for every technician. 8" overall length. Each.
Item #3271

Our price: $27.90
3 Piece Screwholding Set
SKU: 4028.82
One kit solves all of your screw holding, starting and driving problems. 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" slotted blades. Each.

Item #4028

Our price: $59.00
3-Way Edging Clamp
SKU: CT-325.81
Again, this clamp has all of the characteristics of the above clamps as well as providing a convenient, practical method for applying "right angle" pressure to the edge or side of work.

Item #CT-325

Our price: $24.50
4-In-1 Screwdriver
SKU: 41.82
This screwdriver has two reversible double bits - one has 3/16" and 5/16" slotted blades, the other has #1 and #2 phillips blades. Both bits snap into a reversible hex shank that is inserted into a tenite plastic handle. Overall length is 7-1/2".

Item #41

Our price: $9.50
Adjustable Handscrews
SKU: CT-708.81
Used for gluing and assembly of woodwork, furniture, cabinet work, musical instruments, etc. The hard maple jaws do not mar the work, and can afford a broad area of evenly distributed pressure or concentration at one point. Steel spindle hand screws have hard maple handles.

Item #CT-708

Our price: $49.50
Adjustable Wrench
SKU: 3200.85
Thin jaws to reach difficult spots. Drop forged from tough alloy steel, 8" long, jaws open to 15/16". Each.
Item #3200

Our price: $39.90
Adjustable Wrench
SKU: 4026.85
Again, this is a valuable tool for a compact tool case. Only 4" long, that jaws can open to 1/2" wide.

Item #4026

Our price: $49.50
Allen Wrench Set
SKU: PT-4977.86
7 piece hex key wrench set, which has sizes from 5/64" to 1/4", comes in a vinyl pouch. Wrenches have a black oxide finish.

Item #PT-4977

Our price: $5.00
SKU: MF-365.85
4" forged steel blade with a wood handle, makes this awl 7" in length.

Item #MF-365

Our price: $13.00
Ball Peen Hammer
SKU: MF-1916.84
Same as Claw Hammer #MF-1417 except the head is a ball peen type.

Item #MF-1916

Our price: $16.00