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Technician's Cases

Technician's Cases


Genck Grand Master Jr. Case
SKU: 2701

This brand new case combines all the great quality features of past models, but now comes in a smaller lighter version for the technician who wants to carry less throughout the work day.

Our price: $690.00
Cordura® Nylon Tool Case
SKU: 2661

This case represents a new concept in design by combining the sleek style of a professional carrying case with the sturdiness of a quality tool case.

Our price: $398.00
Datamaster Case
SKU: 267

This large case, measuring 18" L x 13" W x 6" H, has been a best seller for years. Case has a rugged ABS plastic shell with a sturdy heavy gauge aluminum frame.

Our price: $478.00
Piano Key Mailing Case
SKU: 2668
This durable, lightweight case is ideal for shipping piano keys. Equipped with web straps and claw buckles. Measures 26" x 15-1/2" x 7-1/2". Each.
Item #2668

Our price: $218.00
Canvas Tool Roll
SKU: 264

Made from our black mackintosh piano cover material, this tool roll measures 27" long x 13" wide. One side has sixteen 1-1/4" wide openings and under the flap there are nine pockets 2-1/4" wide.

Item #264

Our price: $39.90
Canvas Tool Roll
SKU: 2665

Made from our black mackintosh piano cover material, the long tool pouch has 22 pockets 1-1/4" wide, 7 pockets 2" wide and has an overall measurement of 10" x 42".

The additional tuning lever pouch on top is 6" x 15".

Tool Roll measures 10" x 16" when closed (tools not included).

Our price: $45.00
Case for Replacement Strings
SKU: 260

Holds 4 lbs. of wire:

1 - No. 2019 Packet of 19 strings

1 - No. 2006 Packet of 6 heavy strings,

plus an assortment of tuning pins.

2-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 15-1/2".

Our price: $125.00
Case Only
SKU: 4101

Case only for regulating tools. See item #4100.

Our price: $18.50
Canvas Case
SKU: 2007

For Universal Replacement Strings. Water repellant. Has tie strings on both ends to permit coiling and fastening for easier carrying.

Our price: $78.00