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Technician's Tools

Technician's Tools


16" Pro Bend-A-Light
SKU: 3300.52
High intensity spot light illuminates hard to see spots. Flexible 10" brass shaft. Includes 2 ea AA batteries and a protective case. Each.
Item #3300

Our price: $50.00
3-In-1 String Height Gauge
SKU: 933.55
For measuring string height from grand key bed, regulating grand dampers and also used to determine if grand hammers are "over centering" when striking the strings. Unit is steel constructed with a base 3" x 1-1/2", and a closed overall height of 6-5/8".

Item #933

Our price: $58.50
5-In-1 Electric Iron Kit
SKU: 99.56
This multi-purpose electric iron kit consists of a basic 80 watt Weller soldering iron, 4 burn-in knives, an action part heating attachment, a key bushing tip and a hammer iron, together with an iron rest.

Item #99

Our price: $198.00
Action Cradle
SKU: 296.69
Fully adjustable & accommodates all types of upright, spinet & console actions. The action is free to rotate to any desired position, and can be locked in any position. A necessity in all piano repair shops.

Item #296

Our price: $270.00
Action Post Extension
SKU: 297.69
This tubular-aluminum device extends and locks in any position from 12" to 20". Quickly attaches to any bolt for holding action securely in upright position.

Item #297

Our price: $47.90
Adjustable Head Voicing Tool
SKU: 105.46
Designed to be rotated into three different positions to accommodate individual voicing techniques. Overall length is 4-1/2" with a 2-1/2" plastic handle.

Item #105

Our price: $36.50
Adjustable Voicing Tool
SKU: 3315

Adjustable voicing tool with hardwood handle.

3 needle 6-1/2" overall length

6.5 ounces

Includes cover

Our price: $199.00
Adjustable Voicing Tool for Combination Handle
SKU: 104.46
Like our No. 105 Voicing Tool, this comes with 4 needles. 3" long.

Item #104

Our price: $35.00
Agraffe Repair Drill
SKU: 984

Used in the replacement of either 7/32" or 1/4" diameter agraffes.

Item #984

Our price: $3.50
Alcohol Lamp
SKU: 185.51
This is the traditional all brass lamp that is used for hammer shank heating.

Item #185

Our price: $68.00