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Technician's Tools

Technician's Tools


"Sweeper" Soundboard Cleaner
SKU: 6030

Made of flexible plastic that is covered by a cloth sock for cleaning. 50" long x 1" wide.

Long enough to reach under the treble strings.

Sock is machine washable and will not scratch the soundboard.

Our price: $118.00
16" Pro Bend-A-Light
SKU: 3300
High intensity spot light illuminates hard to see spots. Flexible 10" brass shaft. Includes 2 ea AA batteries and a protective case. Each.

Our price: $52.00
5-In-1 Electric Iron Kit
SKU: 99

This multi-purpose electric iron kit consists of a basic 80 watt Weller soldering iron, 4 burn-in knives, an action part heating attachment, a key bushing tip and a hammer iron, together with an iron rest. 

Our price: $218.00
Action Cradle
SKU: 296
Fully adjustable & accommodates all types of upright, spinet & console actions. The action is free to rotate to any desired position, and can be locked in any position. A necessity in all piano repair shops.

Item #296

Our price: $318.00
Action Post Extension
SKU: 297
This tubular-aluminum device extends and locks in any position from 12" to 20". Quickly attaches to any bolt for holding action securely in upright position.

Item #297

Our price: $50.50
Adjustable Head Voicing Tool
SKU: 105

Designed to be rotated into three different positions to accommodate individual voicing techniques.

Overall length is 4-1/2" with a 2-1/2" plastic handle.

Our price: $49.00
Adjustable Voicing Tool
SKU: 3315

Adjustable voicing tool with hardwood handle.

3 needle 6-1/2" overall length

6.5 ounces

Includes cover

Our price: $210.00
Adjustable Voicing Tool for Combination Handle
SKU: 104

Schaff is the originator of this voicing tool to be used with a larger combination handle.

Like our No. 105 Voicing Tool, this comes with 4 needles. 3" long.

Our price: $44.00
Agraffe Repair Drill
SKU: 984

Used in the replacement of either 7/32" or 1/4" diameter agraffes.

Item #984

Our price: $4.00
Agraffe Tap
SKU: 985

Used in the replacement of either 7/32" or 1/4" diameter agraffes.

Our price: $36.00