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Trucks & Dollies

Trucks & Dollies
Make your piano mobile with these durable trucks & dollies.


Grand Leg Dollies
SKU: 4018.15
Individual caster "cup dollies" for use under each grand leg. Inside dia. 4-1/8". Set of 3. Price per set.
Item #4018

Our price: $260.00
Grand Piano Truck
SKU: 4012.16
Our Grand Piano trucks have sturdy-steel, telescoping legs that are easily adjustable for the angle at the center. At the end of each leg is a square swivel socket to hold the piano leg.
Item #4012

Our price: $830.00
Repalcement Casters
SKU: 4015B.17
Truck accessories for models 4004, 4006, 4012, 4013 and 4014.
Item #4015B

Our price: $79.50
Replacement Rubber End Caps
SKU: 882.12
For wood dollies, #880 & #883. Inside dimension measures 3" x 17-3/4". Each.
Item #882

Our price: $13.50
Replacement Straps for Dual Trucks
SKU: 4023A
1" wide, 1/8" thick nylon.

Our price: $64.00
Spinet Truck
SKU: 4008
For use under spinet pianos - tubular steel construction in powder coat black finish. Adjustable in length (46-1/2" to 61-1/2") and width (17-3/4" to 30") to accomodate most spinets. Rubber bumpers protect the piano finish.
Item #4008

Our price: $950.00
Sutherland Piano Carrier
SKU: 4005
The 4 piece dolly set is permanently attached to the piano with wood screws. 5" double ball bearing, swivel casters are used on all units.
Item #4005

Our price: $630.00
Universal Grand Piano Truck
SKU: 4004.16
After years of development work, we finally found the solution of having one grand piano truck that will fit pianos from 4'5" up to 7'5" in length. For 9' concert pianos we still recommend our #4012 truck.
Item #4004

Our price: $940.00
Upright Piano Dolly
SKU: 4003.14
Upright Piano Dolly, 28" long x 9" wide. Screw holes on both sides and bottom braces are used for securing the piano to the dolly.

Item #4003

Our price: $460.00
Upright Piano Dolly
SKU: 4009
Upright Piano Dolly. Inside dolly dimension 15-1/4", they measure 22-1/4" x 8-1/2", and are painted black.

Item #4009

Our price: $260.00