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Tuning Levers & Accessories

Tuning Levers & Accessories
Please Note:
When selecting a tuning hammer, you will most likely want to order one with a Star Tip.
Even though most tuning pins have a square end,
the star tip fits best & allows for better positioning of the tuning hammer.
If you need any assistance in selecting an appropriate tuning hammer for your needs, please contact us.


Carbon Fiber Tuning Lever
SKU: 2300BD

Tuning has never been so easy or stable as it is with Schaff's new, advanced design carbon fiber tuning lever!


Item #2300

Our price: $475.00
Carbon Fiber Tuning Lever Parts
SKU: 2300A

Individual parts for the carbon fiber tuning lever assembly.


Item #2300

Our price: $355.00
Mini Extension Tuning Lever
SKU: 21M

Designed for the technician who wants to be as near to the tuning pin as possible.

This stainless steel hexagonal style extension lever is equipped with a 4" handle.

Overall length is 7", which can be extended to 10" long.

Weighs only 11 ounces. Comes with No. 13G head and No. 14B #2 star tip.

Our price: $227.00
Finest Quality Rosewood Extension Lever
SKU: 21
Rosewood Handle - 8-1/2", Stainless Steel Head, Star Tip, Tip Wrench, Mackintosh Cloth Carring Case.

Item #21

Our price: $259.90
Nylon Extension Lever
SKU: 16.32
Handle measures 9" with an overall length of 12". Extends 5". Star tip.

Item #16

Our price: $215.00
Compact, Extendable Rosewood Lever
SKU: 21C.32
Rosewood Handle - 6" long. Overall length - 10", extends to 14-1/2". Star tip.

Item #21C

Our price: $229.00
Compact, Extendable Nylon Lever
SKU: 16C
Nylon handle is 6" long. Overall length is 10" which can be extended to 14-1/2". Star tip.

Item #16C

Our price: $226.00
Professional Rosewood Tuning Lever
SKU: 6.32
Overall length is 11-1/2", which includes an 8" rosewood handle. Star tip

Item #6

Our price: $132.50
Professional Nylon Tuning Lever
SKU: 4.32
8" nylon handle. Overall length of 12". Replaceable star tip. Weight: 12.6 oz.

Item #4

Our price: $131.00
Student Quality Lever
SKU: 7
Lacquered wood handle. Comes with a one-piece Head & Tip. Overall length is 11". Star tip.

Item #7

Our price: $71.50