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Upright Piano Covers

Upright Piano Covers


Bench Cover
SKU: 7925.6
Our bench covers are made of the same high quality Mackintosh material described for grand piano covers. They are ideal for use on piano & organ benches in salesrooms, where benches are subject to heavy use. Also for showrooms, schools and auditoriums.

Item #7925

Our price: $34.50
Padded Upright Covers
SKU: 1-30

Constructed of heavy duty black close-weave duck, padded with cotton filling, flannel lined and quilted in 4” diamond pattern with nylon thread. Water resistant.

This is not a commercial padding material, but is made exclusively to our specifications.

Fitted with slits in back for hand holds. Closed Backs.

Our price: $414.00
Upright Piano Covers
SKU: 23A-CB3'0.6
Our macintosh covers are a heavy drill cloth with a soft kasha flannel backing. Closed back.

Item #23

Our price: $228.00
Vertical Backside Cover
This separate component helps hide the climate control system while providing a more stable environment inside the piano.
Fits all grands up to 5'11" and Vertical Backside Cover.

Our price: $66.84