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How To Buy A Good Used Piano: The Video
SKU: 1694-DVD
By Will Leverett, author of the best selling book of the same title. Now offers a step by step video version showing you how to inspect a piano and detect problems before you purchase.

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Piano Bridge Repair Made Easy
SKU: 1689-DVD
By Willard M. Leverett. This video provides close-up views of 3 actual bridge repairs. It also shows essential tools and materials, hazards to avoid, repairable and non-repairable bridges, and string splicing made easy.

Item #1689

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Piano Repair Tips & Procedures
SKU: 1690-DVD
By Willard M. Leverett RPT. This video is for technicians of all levels - from the beginner to the RPT. All areas covered including climate control.

Item #1690

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School of Piano Technology Videos
SKU: 1730A-DVD
By Randy Potter. Available on DVD. Tuning, Repair & Regulating.
Item #1730

Our price: $90.00